Thrust Boring

MW Maintenance specialise in the use of thrust bores and impact moles to carry out trenchless pipe laying.  Our experience in this field of work has shown us that trenchless pipe laying proves to be a cost effective way of laying cables.  It is particularly ettective in the laying of power cables, water drainage and gas pipes where access may be restricted by buildings and structures.

Our methods minimise the inconvenience and destruction which is often caused by the alternative method of open trenching and helps to achieve a more comprehensive end result.

The most common use for this system is in road crossing situations where this involves excavating either side of the carraigeway, prior to obtaining the correct alignment by means of sighting the mole through to the surveyors staff at the other side  The mole then follows a bore path parallel to the line of the telescopic site towing ducting giving access into the preformed bore hole under the road.

MW Maintenance can also offer a pipebursting service.  We can replace your damaged 4 or 6 inch old clay sewer with a rigid plastic pipe.  So why not save your lawn, foundations, driveway or building and save yourself time and money in the process.